Executive Mentoring

In most instances, conventional leadership development processes are suitable to meet particular manager’s needs. However, at various stages in all leaders’ careers, executive mentoring can be a powerful means to explore and address more complex development needs. From an organisational perspective, mentoring provides an effective vehicle to accelerate leadership development, engage valued employees, elevate performance and support the leadership pipeline.

The WTAA offer a range of services to support organisations to benefit from executive mentoring. Services include mentoring framework design, mentor training workshops and the WTAA Mentor Pool.

Mentoring framework design

An effective mentoring framework serves as an ongoing leadership development strategy for individuals and/or teams. The WTAA is able to marry the framework to an organisation’s unique circumstances.

training services
Assuming the role of mentor requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the Dynamics of effective mentoring. Without appropriate preparation and training, the mentoring process can do more harm than good. The WTAA’s mentoring workshop ensures that mentors are fully conversant with the mentoring process

WTAA Mentor Pool

With an extensive network of experienced executive mentors and coaches, the WTAA Mentor Pool is able to provide expert support to leaders from the frontline through to the boardroom.

Highly Recommended Mentoring Programs



The Australian Applied Management Colloquium

Presented by the Australian School of Applied Management, The Australian Applied Management Colloquium has set a new standard in the provision of practice-based, outcome-driven management development. The Colloquium is guided by input from major employer groups, and is supported by dedicated industry research informed by a national advisory board.


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The Advanced Leadership Program

Presented by Women and Leadership Australia, The Advanced Leadership Program is designed to support the rapid advancement of high potential female leaders from all sectors and industries.


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