Outsourced Training Management

For many organisations, the demands of day-to-day business prevent the development and maintenance of integrated training strategies. Consequently, training is often implemented on an ad hoc basis with little consideration to long-term strategic objectives. This can lead to poor training outcomes.

By choosing to outsource your training needs, employees are free to focus on what they do best. Many organisations have discovered the immense cost and quality advantages associated with outsourcing training to a specialist. The WTAA are able to manage all your training needs to allow you to stay focused on realising your business goals.

The WTAA partners with organisations to manage any or all aspects of training.

Services include:

Outsourcing feasibility study

Implementation of training needs analysis

Delivery of training (any content to any organisational level)

Management of your training function for bottom-line results

The WTAA is ideally positioned to partner your business to gain optimal performance out of your people. By outsourcing your training function to a specialist such as the WTAA, training quality will increase and associated costs will be diminished.

The benefits of outsourcing training to the WTAA include:

Access to the WTAA’s network of training providers (benchmarked for quality assurance)

Access to the WTAA’s expertise and experience in all stages of the training cycle. Click for more information on the WTAA’s methodology.

Alignment of training interventions with business objectives (allow HR staff to remain focused on more immediate considerations)

Rapid provision of one-on-one training or coaching when required

Mitigation against cost blow-outs associated with inadequate training needs analysis and sub-standard training delivery

To unlock the full value of your people and create a climate of continuous improvement, talk to the WTAA about outsourcing your training needs.

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest"

Tom Peters – Management Guru



Workplace Training Advisory Australia