Workplace Diversity

In recent years, Australian managers have become increasingly aware of the need to proactively manage the important issues and challenges around diversity. In addition to ever-changing demographics, tightening labour supply means that Australian employers need to appreciate and embrace diversity as a critical pathway to building a strong organizational culture. A proactive approach to workplace diversity unlocks creativity, enhances morale and strengthens n organization’s leadership pipeline.

The WTAA is committed to assisting Australian organisations to create inclusive cultures in order to attract, retain and develop a diverse talent pool. An inclusive organizational culture accepts and respects all employees and their unique contributions.

The WTAA’s consultants apply practical experience to provide leading advice across all areas of workplace diversity. WTAA stresses the importance of careful planning to ensure that diversity strategies are achievable and aligned with an organisation’s broader strategic endeavours. Indeed, to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce it is necessary to have a clear vision and informed approach.

The WTAA’s diversity services team have been a driving force behind the highly respected national initiative Women & Leadership Australia.




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