Leadership Development

An organisation’s performance depends, more than anything, on the ability of its leaders to make effective decisions and to build relationships within the organisation. A skilled and experienced management team is central to carrying out the overall vision of the organisation as well as fostering an environment that supports continuous improvement.

The WTAA is committed to helping organisations to optimise the performance of all leadership resources. Additionally, the WTAA assists organizations to build stronger leadership pipelines, ensuring sustainable and high-quality outcomes

By staying at the forefront of ever-shifting management trends, the WTAA ensures that all leadership development interventions drive at practical, pertinent, performance outcomes.

Leading with Integrity

Leading with Integrity is a performance focused program designed to assist managers at middle and frontline levels to provide outstanding leadership against this backdrop.

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The Management Development Toolkit


The Management Development Toolkit is a key facet of the National Excellence in Workplace Managment Scheme - a national initiative to enhancethe overall quality of management in Australian workplaces.


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The Innovation and Change Seminar


During the Innovation and Change Seminar participants actively engage with practical leadership strategies for managing the innovation and change process.


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Communication Presence and Influence


This highly interactive and practical 1 day development workshop explores effective strategies for communicating and influencing at the interpersonal, team and organisational levels.


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