Work/Life Balance

Over recent years, work/life balance has emerged as a buzz-word to describe the increased strain on time-poor workers.

More than ever before, workers are juggling competing roles. For many of us, establishing a career, raising children, professional development, and caring for aging parents are the norm.

The WTAA views work/life balance as far more than just a buzz-word. We believe that effective work/life balance is a key business imperative.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, working harder and longer is not the key to improved performance. Rather, excessive work often leads to increased stress, deterioration of personal relationships, and in some cases, emotional burnout.

Conversely, healthy work/life balance not only supports satisfying and rewarding family and personal lives, but actually leads to superior performance at work.

The WTAA offers a range of services designed to help workers to better understand the benefits of improved work/life balance.
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