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In the contemporary marketplace, sustainable competitive advantage is achieved first and foremost through superior employee performance. Based upon that overarching belief, WTAA provides a range of services designed to align employee development interventions with critical organisational objectives.

For WTAA, gaining a thorough understanding of your needs is not simply a value add – it is central to our approach. With an unwavering focus on understanding our clients’ genuine needs, WTAA is able to map a range of powerful services to measurable performance outcomes.
The WTAA approach is both practical and visionary. Our philosophy is that people represent value.

Working across all of Australia (including many remote areas) WTAA’s dynamic team of multi-disciplined professionals strive to remain at the forefront in their respective fields. Through these dedicated people, WTAA supplies critical advisory services – assisting employers not only to generate optimal performance outcomes, but to avoid ineffective training investments.

In addition to our advisory services, WTAA’s training division offers various services ranging from short courses and executive mentoring through to intensive leadership development programs.


Management will recognise the need for education and retraining when they realise
that people are an asset and not an expense

William Scherkenbach



Workplace Training Advisory Australia